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Community Events

Sunday Satsang

All are welcome to our weekly gathering on Sundays called Satsang where we create sacred fire, have spiritual discussion, meditate, sing, and send prayers out to the world. Satsang is a Sanskrit term meaning 'coming together in the quest to explore the Nature of our True Self'. The topics for discussion vary, but are most often related to the Fivefold Path (a guide for happy living on the planet).

Meeting are from 11:00am to 1:00pm held alternatively at The Resonance Point 3501 N. Rolling Road Windsor Mill, MD and Woodstock, MD. The first Sunday of each month is at Ancient Oaks Farm in Westminster, MD.

Women's Circle

For many years, BHC member Maria Broom has hosted the Women's Circles of Light at her home every Thursday evening. Each week women in the community gather and do Agnihotra together. They come to rest, to sing, and especially to send up their gratitude and their healing energy to people and places across the planet. This weekly gathering of women's voices and prayers, laughter and sometimes dancing, connects them with the women of Homa communities all around the world who also gather on Thursday evenings.


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At our Resonance Point in Windsor Mill, four hours of Homa fire (yajnya) is performed daily by various committed BHC members in order to foster a healing environment. The performance of Yajnya fire and chanting the Mahamrityunyaya mantra is one of the most powerful ways of seeding a nutritious atmosphere and getting connected with the divine. 

"health can improve with one hour Homa (Yajnya) daily" -Vasant Paranjpe

You are welcome to sit in with us and learn the practice; please contact Tom if interested. Tom Couto 410-790-2573

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